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Male in/fertility

Beyond the sperm count: Understanding the many causes of male infertility

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Did you know that 1 in 14 men are affected, and half of all infertility cases are due to male factors? 

When a couple struggles to conceive, the focus often shifts to the female partner as, unfortunately, there is still a significant gap in the understanding and support offered to men in this area. It often means that couples go through unnecessary and unsuccessful treatments.


I am here to offer my assistance to help bridge this gap in support. I have a deep interest in this field and have undertaken further studies to acquire a thorough understanding of the biomedical causes and test results associated with male infertility. 

I also appreciate the importance of understanding the causes of infertility from both an Eastern and Western perspective. It's important to note that the causes of male infertility are not limited to sperm count alone. 

Other causes may be physical, such as

There can be many reasons, that's why it's essential for me to take a thorough history and analyse existing test results to get a complete understanding of each patient's case.


Based on these results, I may suggest further or repeat testing, such as:

  • Semen analysis: count, motility, morphology, MAR testing, white blood cells, pH

  • Microbiome testing: to check for infection

  • DNA fragmentation: to assess the quality of the DNA, which is essential for conception and a healthy baby. Fragmented DNA is associated with IVF failure, poor blastocyst development, implantation failure, early miscarriage, and infertility.

  • Semen culture

  • Physical examination and testicular ultrasound with a urologist

  • Temperature check of the testes as they need to be 2 centigrade cooler, than the body temperature

  • Blood tests: LH, FSH, prolactin, testosterone, thyroid hormones

  • Genetic testing in certain cases – Y chromosome microdeletions or karyotyping

Along with the biomedical findings, I asses each case from Chinese Medicine point of view and create a bespoke treatment plan. I may suggest supplements or refer on to a nutritional therapist if that is the best course to take. I often suggest herbs and work along with an herbalist.

Free health questionnaire for men

We recommend that you start off with doing this quick health check, and then get in touch with us to book your appointment.


I'm here to guide you every step of the way. Book now and together we'll create a plan that you're confident and happy with.

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